Lordswood sixth form center

Lordswood sixth form center was formed from two separate schools. The centers were Lordswood girls and Lordswood boys. Both institutions are proud of their success, and they are well known to have a vision that motivates students to excel. A total of 16 post students benefit from qualified and proficient teachers.

The staff are committed to ensuring all students develop skills, understandability, and knowledge. The management makes sure all students acquire passionate drive in ensuring their dreams are fulfilled.

The sixth forms amalgamation which led to the sixth center made it possible to offer a wide range of courses. The school can provide a variety of classes tailored to meet each student's needs. The institution has a type of networking which leads to several opportunities.

This opportunity brings with it experience and prepares you to be competitive in the market. It is a fantastic achievement, but the institution is fond of taking all the students to higher education.


Every student is expected to maintain the vision of the school and uphold critical factors. The school always offers a conducive environment for the success of its academicians. In return, you will offer back commitment and hard work.

The schedule expects you to attend all classes and completion of all assignment. Routine punctuality, willingness, and interest to always execute every activity to school's vision realization.

The institution is involved in sports like basketball and has an academy. It helps nature those interested in achieving competition at the highest national level. Students who concentrate on games are also offered the opportunity to further their educational pathway. The school provides cricket and football academics which are within the school curriculum.

You are guided on the courses to choose since the decision will open your future's dream career. Success depends on skills and qualification gained at this level of your education. The school also offers services that are community-related. Students can graduate with the ability to solve society related problems.


It is wise to choose this kind of institution for your success and networking with the broader community. The institution's diversity in sport, education, and society makes it one of the best sixth forms in Birmingham.